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Employee of the Quarter

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Beatrice Smith Q1_2014        MacDonald Simmons Q4         Kevin Smith Q3_2014      
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Beatrice Smith                     MacDonald Simmons                   Kevin Smith                        Larance Durham
1st Quarter 2014                2nd Quarter 2014                        3rd Quarter 2014              4th Quarter 2014                          


Mark Woods           
Mark Woods
1st Quarter 2012


Frederick Richardson  Brenton Simmons  VLambert  Brenda Fubler
Fred Richardson                  Brenton Simmons             Vance Lambert                   Brenda Fubler
4th Quarter 2011
                  3rd Quarter 2011             2nd Quarter 2011                1st Quarter 2011


Joe Aguiar  Willis Steede  Valerie Robinson  Rudolph Spence
Jose Aguiar                        Willis Steede                        Valerie Robinson              Rudolph Spence
4th Quarter 2010               3rd Quarter 2010                  2nd Quarter 2010             1st Quarter 2010


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