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Collection Schedule

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COH garbage truck
TYPE OF REFUSE           DAY OF WEEK                               TO BE PUT OUT BETWEEN

Commercial                      Monday through Saturday              5pm and 6pm

Residential                       Monday through Friday                   6am and 8am

Bar and Restaurant          Monday through Saturday              6am and 7am
                                                                                                 5pm and 6pm
                                                   Sunday                                  6am and 7am

Recycling                          Monday through Saturday             6am and 8am

Cooking grease                Monday, Wednesday & Friday       6am and 8am

Bulky refuse                     By Appointment only                       See below

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Terms of Service:

1. Refuse is only to be put out for collection at the times listed above.

2. All refuse must be appropriately bagged and secured and carried to the sidewalk without being dragged and placed next to the kerb so as not to cause unreasonable impediment to pedestrians.

3. Cardboard boxes may be placed out for collection provided that they are secure and contain no wet refuse. All small boxes must be bagged or otherwise contained and secure.

4. All wet refuse must be bagged and placed in a standard plastic garbage bin with a secure lid such as a “Wheelie Bin”. The bin should be clearly labelled with the address of the owner.

5. Cooking grease must be stored in sturdy leak proof plastic containers.

6. Bulky refuse collection (e.g. appliances, computers, furniture) is done by appointment only with the Asst. Sanitation Supervisor - 531-0003. The City of Hamilton will only collect small loads at the discretion of the Asst. Sanitation Supervisor. Customers must make their own arrangements for larger loads.

7. All refuse for recycling must be put out in blue plastic bags.

8. Items such as plastic bread trays, milk containers, wooden pallettes must be stored inside the owners premises at all times. The City does not collect these items.

9. No garden, foliage or construction waste will be collected.

10. Any person who fails to comply with these requirements and so causes the City of Hamilton to provide extraordinary services will be charged a minimum service fee of $500.00.

Wheelie Bins


Do your part to help keep our City sanitary and clean and free from unsightly litter, not to mention rodents and other vermin attracted to refuse.

Your first bin is on us, send an email to Lakiesha Smith on lsmith@cityhall.bm so we can visit your premises and determine your needs.

Wheelie Bin Application Form

 A Clean City is a Safe City!



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