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Traffic Notices

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Christmas Santa Parade

Traffic Notice    Market Place Christmas Parade

Sunday, April 9th
City of Hamilton Streets

                      The City wishes to advise the public that extensive road closures in Hamilton will take effect as of 5:00am on Sunday, April 9th due to the Digicel Bermuda TriFest and ITU Continental Cup. The event is an ITU (International Triathlon Union) Continental Cup and is a major International event on the calendar attracting elite athletes from around the world.

Public transport will still be operating, but routes coming into Hamilton via Crow lane will be diverted via Tee Street so extra journey time will be needed. Likewise, there will be diversions in place for all other vehicles. In summary, there will be no route into Hamilton via Crow Lane, Middle Road and Pitts Bay Road/Front Street during the morning hours.

From the west, the route will be via Tee Street to Middle Road to Montpelier Road and on to Parson’s Road. From the west of the City, via Serpentine Road or Woodlands Road. From the east, via North Shore Road to Marsh Folly Road to Canal Road or Cedar Avenue.

The following information lists the road closures as well as ‘no parking’ areas. Motorists are advised that all motor vehicles must be removed from these areas due to safety reasons before 5:00am on Sunday morning or they will be removed at the owner’s expense. Signs will be posted.

All roads are due to reopen by 1pm.

Click here for detailed information regarding road closures and 'no parking' restrictions

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