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The City of Hamilton is responsible for administering all aspects of the City. Services include garbage collection, street sweeping, sewerage maintenance, street lights, traffic lights, street and sidewalk maintenance as well as maintaining the seven Hamilton parks and the collection of City taxes.

The City also sponsors and hosts numerous events in the City including the Taste of Bermuda Weekend, World Triathalon Series and Bermuda Carnival. 

There is an elected Board of one Mayor and eight Councillors. Municipal elections are held every three years and are under the jurisdiction of the Parliamentary Registrar. The administration team is lead by the Chief Executive Officer/City Secretary who is supported by the Chief Operating Officer/City Engineer, Chief Financial Officer,  Director of Marketing & Communications and  Director of Human Resources who make up the Executive Management Team.

The main administration offices and Events & Marketing department of the City of Hamilton are housed in City Hall at 17 Church Street while the Works Depot is located on Laffan Street.

There are 100+ staff members employed by the City who ensure that Hamilton, one of the smallest cities in the world, remains spotless and efficiently run.

A fascinating e-book about the City of Hamilton is available for download by clicking on the 'E-books' links below. 

From Sketch to Skyline
From Sketch to Skyline