Shawn Brown

S_BrownCouncillor Shawn Brown

Councillor Brown was elected to the City Council in 2023. Shawn Brown is a property professional from North East Hamilton . He is the Managing Director of his firm Atlantic Real Estate Advisory Services (AREAS), a property valuation/appraisal and consultancy company.  He worked in the Government and the private sector before starting his own company.

As a City Councillor, Shawn wants to represent the residents’ interests (particularly North East) as he has family, friends and neighbours that still live in Hamilton.  Shawn believes his skillset and knowledge of the area would be an asset to the City Council.

He attended Berkely Institute and the University of Toronto and is married with two children (4 and 7).  His Hobbies include photography, basketball and volleyball and travelling.

Contact Councillor Brown at sbrown@cityhall.bm