Employee of the Quarter

Employee of the Quarter Jamel

Congratulations to the City of Hamilton's 2020 Employee of the 2nd Quarter, Jamel Warren.�ŸŽ–
Jamel is the City’s, Engineering Foreman. He has consistently carried out his duties around the City with great pride. He exemplifies what it is to be a leader and has earned the respect of his crews and colleagues. On August 5th, Jamel celebrated 22 years as part of our City family. Jamel is an exemplary asset to the City’s team and we congratulate him on a job well done!

Sideya EOQ

Congratulations to the City of Hamilton's 2020 Employee of the 1st Quarter, Sideya Dill.

Sideya is the City's first Marketing Coordinator, graduating University almost a year ago to the date in May with a B.A. in Advertising and Public Relations (Magna Cum Laude), The City of Hamilton
is lucky to have nabbed this new talent. 
Sideya is resolute with completing projects, her drive is unmatched and she represents the best Bermuda has to offer. Winning this award within the first year of a job speaks volumes to her work ethic and the City looks forward to the goals she'll score in the future.
Thanks, Sideya for lending your talents, intelligence, and good-humoured approach to the City.
When we say "Bermuda at its best" we mean it!