Elliott Street Car Park

The City of Hamilton offers various parking for all motorists visiting or residing in the City from Monday - Saturday, 8:00 am - 6:00 pm.  All parking reflects the collective needs of the public and the City conducts ongoing research in order to make parking more accessible and effective within the City.

Parking in the City is offered all-day or by an hourly rate :

  • Car Parks – all-day – Bull’s Head ($5/day), Par-la-Ville ($20/day), Elliott Street ($5/day), Cavendish ($20/day), King Street ($20/day)
  • Car Parks - hourly parking - All lots
  • Street Parking – one-hour limit (designated zone codes for payment)
  • Disability Parking - designated areas
  • Commercial Vehicles - designated areas
  • Doctors’ Parking - designated areas
  • Residential Parking - designated areas
  • Service Vehicles
  • Tradesman Vehicles
  • Monthly Parking Permits - available for long-term City Car Parks

Find a quick guide to parking in the City of Hamilton HERE.

Click HERE to apply for monthly permits for long-term car parks. Access is via swipe card.

The EasyPark automated parking system is used in the City and can be topped up at City Hall reception and at retailers throughout the City.