City Hall Grounds

City Hall - Church Street

City Hall Steps & Front Lawn

Opened to the public in 1960, City Hall is an impressive landmark in Hamilton and centrally located, adjacent to the bus terminal and only a mere two blocks for the ferry terminal. The front of City Hall on Church Street has become a popular place for the launch of public campaigns and events as well as proclamations and announcements by dignitaries of Bermuda. Its central location and high foot traffic of locals and tourists (next to the Central Bus Depot) makes it a good choice for many organisations.

If you are using the grounds of City Hall for your event, protocol requires that the Mayor is present and that the Town Crier be invited to declare the event open.

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Nellie's Walk
This space is the large sidewalk area located in the front of City Hall. The City of Hamilton dedicated Nellie’s Walk to Helen ‘Nellie’ Rees in commemoration of her contributions to beautify Hamilton with tree, shrub and floral plantings. It is also home to The Charlotte Bench, named after Helen’s sister, Charlotte Rees, who also contributed to beautifying the City.

This space is used mainly for some informational booths or displays where organisations are focused on community outreach. 

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