Pier 6 Upper Interior

Pier 6 Upper Interior_0

Pier 6 Complex has played host to both major and intimate events as a premier indoor venue with an unparalleled Harbourside location in the heart of the City of Hamilton. This venue comprises Pier 6 Upper Interior and Terrace, as well as Pier 6 Lower which doubles as a cruise ship passenger terminal throughout the active tourism season in Bermuda. Pier 6 Upper includes access to a warming kitchen and all spaces include access to electrical connections and restroom facilities. These spaces can be rented out separately or in conjunction with another.

Pier 6 Upper Interior
This space is an open plan style facility that is perfect for conferences, dinner parties, charity functions and private events. Equip with a warming kitchen, two small office areas and restroom facilities, it is perfect for any occasion.

This space is currently closed for renovations and is scheduled to reopen in April 2021.