Request Form for Website Advertising

The City is proud to support community events and promotions that lead to a vibrant City and support the City’s businesses and residents.

By submitting this Request Form, you are requesting placement for your City-based business’s event or promotion on www.cityofhamilton.bm

In order to best serve our website-users, we have developed a uniform set of criteria which each business must adhere to when requesting placement of their event or promotion on our site.

Please note that the City does not accept any submissions missing the required information fields on the Request Form.


  • Must be a registered business within the City of Hamilton.
  • The event/promotion must not include any offensive language or themes.
  • No religious or political advertising will be permitted.
  • A request for website placement must be made at least one week in advance of the event/promotion.
  • If this is a promotional sale, it must be significant in nature (i.e. a storewide sale).
  • If a recurring event (e.g. happy hour), a start and end date must be provided.
  • If an event is cancelled or postponed, it is the responsibility of the business to advise the City of Hamilton with as much notice as possible so that we can remove the event from our calendar.

It should be noted that the City of Hamilton has the right to decline the posting of any event which does not align with the City’s mandate.

Apply Here

If you have any questions regarding this process or the specified requirements, please contact us here.