Barr's Bay Park

Barr's Bay - Copy

This park is located on our waterfront just off Front Street. This park holds historical significance as well as scenic views of Hamilton Harbour and Harbour Road.

Lying at the water’s edge of Hamilton Harbour. This relatively small park is a veritable jewel in the City’s crown. Barr’s Bay Park is ideal for a quiet picnic, from which there are unrivalled views over the yachting marina of the nearby yacht club.

There is ample seating at the water’s edge, as well as on the manicured lawns. Barr’s Bay Park is a short walk from the marine transportation hub of the Hamilton Ferry Terminal and sits nestled on the lower western close to the heart of the City.

The park is also home to ‘We Arrive’, a statue created by Bermudian artist, Chesley Trott, to commemorate the arrival of 72 people on the slave ship Enterprise, in 1835. The men, women and children who had been enslaved were given their freedom and allowed to remain in Bermuda. The statue was unveiled in February 2010 on the 175th anniversary of the ship’s arrival in Bermuda’s waters. In attendance at the unveiling were descendants of the people who were freed.