Explore the City

city pic 2

The City of Hamilton is the melting pot of Bermuda.  Measuring barely 1/4  square mile, Hamilton can boast that it is one of the smallest country capitals in the world, with a major port for imports and sweeping views across the idyllic Hamilton Harbour.  The City is the hub of international business in Bermuda. During the workweek, more than 14,000 commuters traverse the island into Hamilton while the residential population sits at about 1,100. With more than 8 miles of city streets, there are numerous nooks and crannies to explore and a myriad of shops and restaurants to cater to the needs of the public. Way-finding signs at major junctions will direct you to the transportation hubs and City landmarks and there are several green spaces, filled with endemic and introduced flora and fauna, to relax and reflect in. 

The City prides itself on its public art initiative and bursts of colour can be found throughout the City streets, depicting splashes of local culture and heritage. 

Hamilton is a clean and safe City. From the meticulously kept flower beds and parks, to the constant infrastructure upgrades, Hamilton is the gem of Bermuda and a must on any itinerary.