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COD April
Press Release   Message from the City   COVID
Press Release   King Street Car Park Barrier System   Testing Complete
Prize Presentation to Artwork Winners
Press Release   The House That George Built
Press Release   Upgrade to City Public Spaces
Press Release   Drive in Movies   City Hall Car Park
Press Release   Plaque Unveiling   George Trott
Press Release   City Essay Contest
Press Release   Repaving on North Street   New Dates
Press Release   VIVID Call for Submissions Page
Press Release   Repaving on North Street   New Dates
Press Release   Special Anniversary Meeting of Corporation of Hamilton
Press Release   Christmas Tree Collection
Press Release   Christmas Tree Collection
City Holiday Garbage Collection Schedule   December
Press Release   Additional Disabled Parking Bays   December
Press Release   Prohibited Parking on City Sidewalks  December
Press Release   Christmas on Reid   December
Press Release   City Donates to Vision Bermuda
Press Release   Youth Tree Decorating   North Hamilton
Press Release   Voting Open for Christmas Window Competition
Press Release   City Tree Lighting   No
Press Release   Uptown Fresh Air films   November Edition
Press Release   NYE Block Party
Press Release   City Celebratory Art Exhibition
Press Release   Purple Tuesday
Christmas Window Contest   October
Cavendish Car Park Temp Closure   October
Press Release   RFPs Hamilton Cargo Docks  September
Press Release   Wheelie Bins   Hurricane Preparedness
Press Release   Taste of Bermuda   Tickets on Sale
Press Release   Fresh Air films   September Edition
Press Release   Summer Sunday
Press Release   Albuoy s Point Enhancement   Public Comments Invited   July
King Street Car Park Barrier System   June
BHW Road   Car Park Closures   June
Heritage Day Parade   May
Hamilton Municipal Election Results May
Press Release   Municipal Election Reminder   May
No Parking at Albuoys Point   Major Construction   May th
Canal Road Temporary Closure   BELCO   May
Temporary Closure No   Car Park   BELCO   May
Triathlon Garbage Collection Schedule   April
Press Release   City Readies for Triathlon   April
Press Release   Fresh Air Films   April
Press Release   Municipal Election Registration Deadline
Press Release   Announcement of Municipal Election   May
Press Release   Appointment of New Secretary   COO   March
Municipal Reform Act Town Hall   March
Ed Benevides Retirement   Career Opportunity   February
VIVID RFP   February
Press Release   City Solar Panel Project   Jan
Press Release   Revamp of Albuoy s Point   Jan
City Arts Festival    Jan
Press Release   Overnight Parking   Jan
Press Release   Sidewalk Enhancement at Washington Mall   Jan
Press Release   Overhead Cabling Incident   December st
Press Release   Bermuda Boat Parade   Dec

Press Release   Christmas Shopping Initiative   Nov
Press Release   Tree of Lights   Nov
Press Release   Christmas Shopping Initiative   Nov
Press Release   City Art Festival Katie Ewles   October
Press Release   Garbage Collection wheelie bins October
Press Release   Elliott Street Tree Removal   Oct
City Food Festival   Competition Winners
Press Release   Safety Precautions   Canadian Hotel Oct
Press Release   City Hall  one ticket  Oct
Press Release   City Food Festival   Sept
Press Release   Bacardi Cocktail Comp   Sept
Press Release   Church Court Upgrade   Sept
April Branco Mural   Septe
Press Release   Repaving Court Angle Streets Junction    Sept
Winning Designers Take on NYC   September
Press Release   City Art Festival Cavendish Murals   Sept
Press Release   Back to School   Aug
Press Release   Bermuda Boat Parade Call For Boats   Aug
Press Release   Movie Lounge    August  Page
Press Release   Minibus Parking    July
Press Release   Bee Removal   July
Bermuda Fashion Festival   Evolution Page
Bermuda Fashion Festival   Evolution Page

Press Release   Bathroom Closure    July

Bermuda Fashion Festival    International Models   July
Press Release   Bermuda Fashion Festival Internaitonal Designers  Website
Bermuda Fashion Festival  Celebrity Golf   June
Press Release   Heroes Weekend City Road Closures   June
Press Release   Queens Birthday Parade Road CLosures   June
Press Release   Bermuda Fashion Festival Tickets   June
Press Release   Garbage Trucks Safety Reminder    May
Press Release   Triathlon Garbage Collection Apr
Press Release Traffic Redirection April  Page
Press Release Traffic Redirection April  Page

Parking Ticket Enforcement  April

Backatown PR    April  Revised
Press Release   Continued Asphalting    April
Press Release   Car Park Update one ticket   April

City Arts Festival     Mar

Press Release   Front Street Asphalting   Mar
Press Release   Elliot Street Car Park Goes Live   Mar
Press Release   Front Street Asphalting   Feb
Suspension of Port Operations
Press Release   Front Street Asphalting   Feb

Press Release   Sea Wall Repair   Feb th

Press Release   Elliot Street Car Park   Feb nd
Press Release   New Sewage Tax   Jan th

Press Release   Union Street Upgrades   Jan   

Advert   Christmas Tree Collection
Press Release   Salvation Army   CADA   Dec

Press Release   Force Main Fracture Update   Dec
Press Release   Pedestrian Crossing Dec   
Press Release   New Year s Eve    November Page
Press Release   New Year s Eve    November Page
Press Release   Christmas Window Competition    November
Press Release   Bee Removal   Nov

                                             Elliot Street Car Park Closure/Upgrades         

Elliot Street Press Release 

Bull's Head Update

Bulls Head Press Release

Christmas Boat Parade Postponed

Hamilton – 9 November 2017 

 The City of Hamilton announced today that the Christmas Boat Parade, scheduled for Saturday December 9th, has been postponed until December 2018. 

“This was always going to be a difficult transitional year for the Christmas Boat Parade”, explained Mayor Charles Gosling. “We agreed to take over from the founders who had organised the parade for the past 20 years because we believe we can grow this into a major event for the City and for tourism on the Island. The Corporation and the founders have been working together and we regret postponing this year’s parade, but there are several issues beyond our control that will impact the overall event quality if we were to proceed this December. One of those issues is the low number of participants who have registered to enter the parade. The other is that the company who provide the fireworks display for the boat parade and many other local events, are no longer offering this service, and we didn’t feel the parade could proceed without the magnificent fireworks finale we have come to enjoy over the years. We will now regroup and double our efforts to address these issues and come back next year with a bigger and better parade”. 


“We wish to thank the companies who so generously provide sponsorship funds and also to those boat owners who did sign up for this year’s parade. We want to assure them, as well as the public, that we are committed to delivering a first-class event in 2018.  I hope our many Christmas Boat Parade fans can be patient and I urge all boat owners to plan to participate in 2018”. 


EasyPark Mobile at Par-la-Ville Parking Lot








The City of Hamilton seeks proposals for food concessions in the City. Proposals will be received at the office of the City of Hamilton, 17 Church Street, Hamilton, up to 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 16th, 2017. 

Interested parties may collect the documents outlining the scope of the proposal and the requirements from the Corporation’s offices at City Hall during normal office hours from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Any inquiries may be directed to 441-292 1234 ext. 278 or via email at events@cityhall.bm.

Download RFP document here



                                           Request For Proposals - City Arts Festival

        Hamilton, Bermuda – Wednesday 25th January, 2017     

Over the past two years the City Arts Festival has focused on beautifying various areas in the City in a concerted effort to live up to the mandate of being a ‘vibrant’ City. As many as 9 new installations have added colour, culture and beauty to the streets and parks of Hamilton.

For 2017, the City Arts Festival has partnered with Washington Properties and identified Washington Lane as in major need of improvement. To that end, a Request For Proposals begins tomorrow for artists to submit their installation ideas for Washington Lane, only. The deadline for submissions is Monday, February 13th, 2017. Tender packages outlining the guidelines and requirements can be collected from the Corporation of Hamilton offices in City Hall or downloaded from the City’s website – www.cityofhamilton.bm . Any queries or questions can be directed to 292-1234, ext. 278 or via email at events@cityhall.bm

Mayor Charles Gosling states, ‘The City is truly delighted to partner with Washington Properties on this most important initiative as we continue to nourish visual artistic opportunities around the City. Last year Chancery Lane had a much appreciated facelift and with the banner year ahead of us, it thrills me to think that one of our most highly used pedestrian thoroughfares in the City, Washington Lane, will receive the very much needed attention it deserves. This will not only beautify the lane throughout but will also create a safer and more secure passage for all.’ 

Washington Properties (Bermuda) Limited General Manager, Paul Slaughter, added, ‘Washington Properties is pleased to partner with the Corporation of Hamilton and neighbouring property owners in bringing the City Arts Initiative to Washington Lane.  This will surely create a more attractive environment for both visitors and the local community.’

Download RFP documents here


Bermuda Fashion Collective 2016

Bermuda Society of Arts

invites you to Bermuda Fashion Collective 2016 on November 3rd from 6pm for an evening of great fashion. The show promises to be an unforgettable experience with 12 local designers taking part, a landmark event in Bermuda fashion.

Tickets – General $45, Front Row- $75, (Admission includes pre-show glass of bubbly)

Part proceeds to be donated to Chewstick.

Contact BSoA on 292-3824 or email bsoa@ibl.bm

Tickets also available online at:

www.bdatix.bm and from The Bermuda Society of Arts

City Hall Car Park rates - starting Monday August 21, 2016
Click the link for more details.

The rates for parking will be $2.00 per hour for a maximum of 3 hours at City Hall Car Park. Extra tariff charges apply after the 3-hour maximum limit, to discourage motorists from overstaying the limit.
If a motorist exceeds the 3 hour limit, ordinarily they would receive a parking ticket. In this case as the car park barrier system does not require ticketing for overstays, the motorist is charged an additional $10, taking the total to $16.00 for up to 4 hours and past 4 hours is an additional $65 tariff.
It is the City's hope that this car park be used as intended, for stays up to 3 hours and that the higher tariffs will serve as an incentive to do so. Motorists who stay within the 3 hour limit are not impacted in any way by the higher tariffs.

Please note EasyPark integration is not yet complete. Payment is accepted in CASH (coins and bills) and CARDS (Mastercard and VISA credit and debit cards).

City Hall car park improvement project - ticketed barrier system installation

General Plan for City Hall car park barrier system project

City Hall Car Park   General Plan for COH

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