Ewing Street Rock Cut Project Nears Completion


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Zoë Mulholland
Public Relations Manager

Ewing Street Rock Cut Project Nears Completion

 Hamilton – November 6th, 2020

The City of Hamilton has transformed a potentially hazardous area on Ewing Street that will serve to beautify the area, create more usable space and also increase the safety of the rock face there through stabilization. The rock slope had degraded over time and presented a risk to nearby buildings and property. The rock face has now been terraced back as well as fenced in to dissuade any illegal dumping.

During excavation it was discovered that this section of Hamilton was an original quarry, likely a source of rock for buildings near Hamilton. The east-west cuts on either end were fill areas where existing quarry cuts were filled in and then built upon. In these areas, non-valuable artifacts were discovered intermixed in the fill material which presented interesting finds during construction.

To complete the project a ‘geo-web’ wall will be installed on the eastern edge which is a high-density poly-web material into which soil is placed and is subsequently planted with local vegetation. This geo-web wall will reduce soil erosion and create a ‘green wall’ to break up the hard rock face.  

The completed project will meet the objectives of reducing soil erosion risk in the area, beautification, safety and the discouraging of dumping and antisocial behavior - all beneficial results for the nearby properties with optionality for new use of the green space in the future.


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