Construction Works to Commence at #5 Car Park 


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Helen Zoellner
Public Relations Manager
441-292-1234 ext.204

Construction Works to Commence at #5 Car Park

Hamilton – February 12th, 2021

The City of Hamilton wishes to advise motorists, businesses and the general public of future construction at the #5 Car Park, Front Street, for the installation of a barrier gate system.

The barrier system will operate in a similar fashion to all other city car parks allowing ticketed entry and exit.

Construction at the car park will commence on or about Monday 22nd of February 2021.

The public are advised that the car park will be partially closed for the duration of the works and is expected to fully re-open in April 2021.

“There are a number of benefits to having a barrier system in place at the City’s car parks,” explained City Engineer Patrick Cooper. “One of those benefits is ease of payment, with drivers only paying for actual time stayed and eliminating the need to display a ticket or the need to constantly top-up a device.  The barrier system provides a standardized, and therefore familiar user experience around the world and offers an increased sense of security for car park users.

“Additionally, a barrier system prevents a car park from becoming overfilled and potentially dangerous. It also prevents ‘through traffic’ using a car park as a short cut to another street. It also eliminates the need to have extra staff patrolling the car parks to ticket those who have not paid, which means that City funds and attention can be put elsewhere of benefit to the community.”

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