Street Lighting Projects in the City

                                                                                                                  Street Lighting Projects in the City

Street lighting does more than just illuminate our roads, parks and public spaces so that we can see where we’re going when the sun goes down.

Well-designed City lighting plays a key role in enhancing the lives of those who live and work there – offering aesthetic, economic and social benefits.

For example, well-designed lighting can actually enhance a city’s landmarks to create beautiful ambiences and add charm to the nighttime facades and architectural views of the city. One only has to think about the majesty of Hamilton’s waterfront at night as its illuminated reflection dances across Hamilton Harbour, to appreciate the benefits of ‘good lighting’!

It also reduces crime; a brightly lit park or pathway deters criminals and boosts the confidence of pedestrians thus encouraging people to frequent a City’s businesses and restaurants, boosting economic activity in the area.

Lighting also plays an integral role in community building, as better lighting makes for safer spaces in which for people to interact.

All of these reasons are why the City of Hamilton has invested in a robust Street Lighting Programme.

With more than 700 street lights scattered throughout the City of Hamilton, we have a small team of hard-working individuals dedicated to keeping Hamilton lit! They are constantly seeking ways to further improve the lighting infrastructure of the City.

Most recently, the team installed additional street lighting along Church Street in January 2021 – from the Children’s Library to the King Street Fire Station and down King Street towards Front Street.

In November 2020 they also installed eight carriage lanterns on Court Street, between Victoria Street and Dundonald Street, replacing the old cobra head lights.

The City has been slowly replacing all its cobra head lights with carriage lanterns since the early 2000s which (as well as being more aesthetically pleasing) create a denser light pattern.

Another change which the City has made has been a switch, over the last five years, from high pressure sodium bulbs to LED bulbs. The new LED bulbs provide a cleaner light, require less maintenance and use less electricity, saving the City thousands of dollars each year.

The next project for the lighting team is a section of Court Street – from the corner of Church and Court Street, all the way down to Front Street.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding lighting in the City of Hamilton please email us at info@cityofhamilton.bm.