City Provides Progress Report on Sidewalk Works


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City Provides Progress Report on Sidewalk Works

Hamilton – March 9th, 2021

The City of Hamilton wishes to provide the public with a progress report on infrastructure works at the junction of Par-la-Ville Road, Point Pleasant Road and Front Street.

The work, which consists of sidewalk refurbishment and the installation of new traffic lights, is now 80 per cent complete.

The new traffic lights, which should come online in the next couple of months, utilize the smart Split Cycle Offset Optimisation Technique (SCOOT) system, designed to monitor and adjust traffic flow at peak times. Traffic flow in the area will become less congested when new lights come online.

Assistant City Engineer, Charles Waters, said of the project, “These upgrades are essential to our infrastructure to ensure a high degree of safety and efficiency in Hamilton. The City thanks those merchants and businesses in the affected area for their patience.

“We alter the sidewalks in the City for a number of reasons – with our priority being the safety of pedestrians using the crossings. Over recent years we have been working to ensure our crossings are ADA (Americans with Disabilities) compliant which means making the City’s sidewalks safe for all users, including those with disabilities. This is why we have been installing safer drop curbs and using tactile ‘bumpy’ pavers which help those with visual impairments know when they are approaching a crosswalk. We have also been working to align curb lines in the driving lane and shrink crossings so that pedestrians spend less time in the street when crossing. Our sidewalk alterations also aid pedestrians in being able to see oncoming traffic by extending the sidewalk crossing areas past the parking bays. Overall, increasing sidewalk size aids in pedestrian access and city walkability.”

In the next month, City works teams will be installing a new sewer manhole and force main in the area which will cause minor disruptions to the flow of traffic in the area.

Motorists and pedestrians are encouraged to use caution in the areas as the work continues. Temporary traffic signal equipment, signage and diversions will remain in place, as needed.

The City has already completed numerous major junction upgrades on Court Street and North Hamilton in an effort to make the City safer for pedestrians and motorists.

The project will be completed by the summer.

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