Paving of Jackson Way This Weekend


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Helen Zoellner
Public Relations Manager
441-292-1234 ext.204

Paving of Jackson Way This Weekend

Hamilton – November 26th, 2021

The City of Hamilton is advising members of the public that there is current paving works being carried out today at Jackson Way, near the Canal Street entrance to Bull’s Head Car Park.

Bull’s Head car park is open but is inaccessible from the Canal Street entrance. The car park can only be accessed from the Elliott Street entrance until paving is complete.

The City apologizes for any inconvenience caused to morning commuters today and asks for the public’s patience as we seek to improve our City’s roadways.

Anyone who parked in the car park today and was swiped in can use the lost ticket option on the terminal for a $5 parking fee, or call the Traffic Management representative at 531-5254.  

Work will be ongoing throughout the weekend so as to cause the least amount of disruption to daily commuters. It anticipated work will be completed by Monday morning.

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