Mayor Pledges City's Support for Earth Hour


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  Mayor Pledges City's Support for Earth Hour

Hamilton – March 15th, 2022

At a Greenrock press conference earlier today Mayor Gosling pledged the City’s support for Earth Hour which takes place this Saturday from 8:30pm until 9:30pm.

Earth Hour aims to further awareness about the urgent need for energy conservation globally. 

The City will shut off all lights in and outside of the City Hall building on Saturday, March 26th between 8:30pm and 9:30pm as well as the Works Depot which will have all lights turned off for the hour.

Mayor Gosling said at the press event today: Over the past few years, the City has made a more concerted effort to be greener. We’ve changed the bulbs in City offices and properties as well as the streetlights to LED, transitioned many of our City vehicles to electric, and moved to a paperless system for our Board agendas and meetings. Additionally, last year, the City oversaw the installation of 78 solar panels at its Front Street pump station which will save the City more than $30,000 a year on electricity costs. The City already has a significant solar panel installation at its Works Depot and has plans for further installations on some of its other buildings including Pier 6.

We encourage all City taxpayers, be it restaurants, retailers, businesses, or residents to all do their part to reduce their consumption during Earth Hour, by switching off non-essential lighting.

We are all responsible for the state of our planet and it is up to each and every one of us to do our part to make a difference.