Chairman's Award Presentation to City Staff


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Chairman's Award Presentation to City Staff

Hamilton – March 24th, 2022

Today, The Becan Collection, a community publishing house for North Hamilton businesses, presented the Chairman's Award to the Sanitation, Parks and Engineering staff of the City of Hamilton (photos below).

Mr. Charles Leon O'Brien, CHA, Chairman of the Board for The Becan Collection explained: “The Chairman's Award is given to those companies and individuals who display extraordinary services to the community. The Becan Collection team is elated to recognize the outstanding community services that the City’s staff provides to Hamilton on a daily basis, but, specifically, to the residents and ratepayers of the North Hamilton area.”

Mayor Charles Gosling provided opening remarks at the awards presentation and said: “On behalf of the City of Hamilton, I would like to thank The Becan Collection for recognizing the hardworking men and women of the City’s Engineering, Parks and Sanitation teams. This award is a testament to their hard work and continued service to the City.”

The Chairman's Award has been previously presented to the Bermuda Credit Union for its outstanding services to the members, citizens and residents within the North East Hamilton area and also to The Corporation of St. George's for their extraordinary service provided to the St. George's community.

The Becan Collection is co-founded by Councilor Jenefer Brimmer, CRDE and Charles Leon O'Brien, CHA.

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