Sewerage Line Break Progress Update - Spill Contained


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Sewerage Line Break Progress Update - Spill Contained

Hamilton – June 27, 2022

The City of Hamilton is advising members of the public that after city crews worked around the clock this weekend, the sewer break on Point Finger Road is temporarily patched and has stopped the discharge onto the road.  An investigation is still ongoing around the cause of the line break.

Over the weekend the city sought permission from Government to execute an emergency permit to cut and handle the damaged pipe that was fabricated from asbestos cement.

While the city did replace the affected section of the pipe and contain the spill, due to a mechanical coupling that is still needed, there is a slow leak on the pipe. A plumbing contractor for the city is expeditiously working on sourcing the mechanical fittings from overseas, which will be fitted onto the pipe to complete the repair.

At present, the affected area of the road is being excavated to make more room for installing the couplings later this week.

Point Finger Road remains closed with permitted local access only.

The city apologizes to the area’s residents and businesses for the inconvenience.

Anyone who has a direct concern should contact Patrick Cooper, City Engineer and COO at pcooper@cityhall.bm .

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