City Improvement Project - Church Street

The City of Hamilton is about to embark on a major City Improvement Project, and we want to hear YOUR feedback.

The traffic light system at the junction of Church Street and Queen Street is outdated and needs to be replaced. It is unable to integrate with the new equipment being installed across the rest of the City which will allow for a smoother, safter and smarter traffic flow.

Upgrades will require major works such as trenching, sidewalk reconfiguration and the installation of underground conduits and cables.

The City has decided to take this opportunity to redesign and improve the surrounding pedestrian space and upgrade the overall public experience of Hamilton.

The proposed project’s enhancements include:

  • Improving lines of sight for pedestrians and motorists
  • Installation of more City trees
  • Creation of ‘mini parks’ and green spaces
  • Improvements to the turning exit at the bus depot;
  • Redesign of taxi ranks, pedestrian crossings, sidewalks and street parking
  • Landscaping and expansion of Freedom Square
  • The relocation of the ‘When Voices Rise’ sculpture
  • The installation of new pedestrian shaded shelters and increased street seating and planters
  • …As well as significant landscaping at the Par-la-Ville car park entrance.

We believe these enhancements will improve traffic flow, enhance the pedestrian experience, make the City safer, more attractive, encourage more City events and even deter antisocial behaviour.

Hamilton is the heart of Bermuda. And this project impacts us all, which is why we want to hear your voice.

The City is encouraging the public to provide feedback by emailing consultation@cityhall.bm.

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Queen and Burnaby Plan

Queen and Church Plan

Traffic Systems Plan


Overall Proposed Plan