Strategic Plan

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The Corporation of Hamilton recently completed its Strategic Plan for the next three years, which you can read here.

Like all organizations, The Corporation is planning in a period of uncertainty. Macro issues including global warming, waste management, the rapid pace of technology growth and increased scrutiny of offshore operations, all must be considered in any future planning.

In addition, the Corporation of Hamilton has experienced various local challenges over the past few years which have absorbed significant resources, both human and financial. Fortunately, the tide is turning, and the Corporation is looking forward to redirecting resources to foster positive change in the City. These resources will be directed at helping Hamilton benefit from available opportunities, to encourage more visitors and businesses to Hamilton.

The Corporation will consider plans for the development of its unique built heritage to increase the liveability of the City and the visitor experience. Local environmental requirements in relation to water quality and the treatment of sewage are also of key concern.

The implementation, monitoring and measurement of this Strategic Plan is important to the Corporation of Hamilton and, more importantly, to the people of Hamilton who are at the heart of this plan.