Tax Structure

The Corporation of Hamilton’s ability to levy taxes on the annual rental value of valuation units within the limits of Hamilton is governed by Section 23 of the Municipalities Act 1923 (‘the Act”) and the Hamilton (Rating) Ordinance 1972. 
As per the Act, the rates cover the following services offered by the Corporation of Hamilton:

  1. the maintenance of any force of security guards, traffic wardens or watchmen for duty within the municipal area;
  2. sanitation or health purposes of all kinds including sewerage disposal and garbage collection, whether within or outside the municipal area;
  3. the construction, maintenance, upkeep and renewal of any municipal sewerage, drainage or water system;
  4. the widening, improvement, lighting and maintenance of any street, alley, lane, wharf, landing place, park or other amenities within the municipal area;
  5. for the construction, maintenance, upkeep and renewal of off-street parking;
  6. such municipal purposes, being purposes of an extraordinary nature, as the Minister may in any particular case approve;
  7. any other purpose which is incidental to the general administration of the
  8. the municipal area in accordance with this Act.

Rates are billed half-yearly.  A rebate of 5% is given to ratepayers who pay on or before the date specified in the demand note.

Rate Periods

Demand Notes sent

Period Covered

Last date to receive a rebate

January 31st

January 1 - June 30

Last working day in February

June 30th

July 1 - December 31

Last working day in July


Annual rental value (ARV) multiplied by the rate will provide the annual rate.  Divide by two to determine the half-yearly rate.
Additional information can be found in Section 23 of the Municipalities Act 1923, the Hamilton (Rating) Ordinance 1972 and the Hamilton (Ratings) Amendment (no.2) Ordinance 2016.