Otis Nolan

Otis Nolan
Position: Electrician

Why did you seek employment with the Corporation of Hamilton?
I applied for a job at the Corporation of Hamilton because I was looking for job security and steady work. I was previously running my own business and after discussion with my wife, decided that it wasn’t practical to work a second job. I was in the midst of buying a house and it made things a lot easier taking advantage of an opportunity with the Corporation of Hamilton. I realized that I was getting a little older and wanted to make my life a bit easier.

Which aspect of your role do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy the troubleshooting aspect the most. I find out how things have been working all this time and try to figure out how the CoH has managed to keep it working. I simply love being an Electrician and have never really thought about doing anything else. I really can compare it to any other Trade. I started to dabble into the Trade around fifteen when I was part of a day release programme.

Where do you see yourself in five (5) years time?
I am really looking to downsize and not have to work so hard. Knowledge increases every day. I am ok as I have a good wife and great kids at home. I would like to retire before I reach 60.