City Art Tour

City Art Tour
While walking through the City of Hamilton you may notice an array of art installations located on almost every street. All art commissioned by the City of Hamilton through our VIVID Public Art Initiative will have a plaque located on or near the art installation with a QR code that can be scanned to learn more about the artist and artwork. The official City Art Tour map is free and can be collected from City Hall reception. This is a self-guided tour, however, if you have any questions throughout, please contact us

Art Tour Map

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About VIVID: City of Hamilton Public Art Initiative

VIVID, previously called the City Arts Festival, aims to enliven various areas in the City of Hamilton by facilitating new public art installations that connect visitors and the local community to Bermuda art and culture. Additionally, VIVID aims to develop opportunities to collaborate with the local arts community to celebrate arts and culture in the City of Hamilton and Bermuda.
Over the past seven years that the City of Hamilton has run the public art program it has seen almost 25 pieces of artwork installed contributing to its mandate of being a 'vibrant' City. 

City Sculptures

Artist: Alshante Foggo 
Location: Till's Hill - access not encouraged by foot
VIVID 2018 

Explore other art located in the City of Hamilton:

Additional City Art (4)
Artist: Manuel Palacio
Location: Court Street 

Additional City Art (2)
Gombey Portrait 
Artist: April Branco
Location: Elliot Street

Additional City Art (1)
Artist: Victor Ving
Location: Church Street

Additional City Art (5)
We Could Be Heroes 
Artist: Unknown
Location: Laffan Street

 Additional City Art (7)
Unfolding Flora Duffy
Artist: Shanna Hollis and Kendra Earls
Location: Church Street

Additional City Art (3)
Artist: Rhona Pedro
Location: Angle Street

Additional City Art (6)
Artist: Unknown
Location: Daylesford Theatre Parking Lot - Washington Street

Point House Art - Copy
Untitled (Three Dancing Figures) 
Artist: Keith Haring 
Location: Point House, Front Street 

Wahington Mall - Copy
Tree grates:  The Regatta (pictured), Night Net Fishing & Starlight Sharks
Artist: Graham Foster
Location: Washington Mall entrance, Church Street