Donleigh Park


Located on Par-La-Ville Road and recently expanded, this tree farm contains about 40 shade trees. We grow the trees in this park until they are mature enough to be transplanted into the City of Hamilton sidewalks.
This process typically takes about 3 years. During the 3 years, we water, prune, and fertilise the trees. Every tree is grown inside an open-ended, cylindrical “root barrier.” The root barrier helps direct the growing roots downward to avoid breaks and raises within the sidewalks.
Each tree must have at least 7 feet of trunk under the lowest branch, and a trunk of at least 4 inches in diameter, before being transplanted into the sidewalks.
This indicates that the tree is mature and durable enough to be installed into the sidewalks and tall enough for people to walk under.

When a tree is removed from the park, a new tree is planted to continue the cycle of keeping our City green.