Freedom Square

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The City of Hamilton is proud to announce its ‘Freedom Square’ initiative.

On July 2, The City officially designated the area on which the City Hall building and grounds rest as ‘Freedom Square’.

Freedom Square will be a formally sanctioned safe space for people to express themselves regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and national origin. It will create a pathway for Bermuda’s civil rights history to be recognized and celebrated and will mark the location of the Theatre Boycott which took place here in 1959 and would forever change Bermuda’s social landscape, paving the way for desegregation.

Freedom Square will be a central location where people can come to reflect on and celebrate freedoms that have been fought for and won, and freedoms still to come.

Freedom Square will encompass the City Hall Car Park, Wesley Square, Dismont Drive, Nellie's Walk and the City Hall grounds. It stretches from Washington Street to Wesley Street; Victoria Street to Church Street.

To further enshrine Freedom Square as a base for peaceful gatherings and expressions of self, the City will install an architectural feature, such as a fountain or sculpture, representative of the concept of ‘Freedom’. We will shortly be seeking input from the public as to what would be the most appropriate installation for this space.

Freedom Square will also be the foundation for a ‘learning City’, merging oral and written traditions with technology to create a unique interactive and cultural learning experience using QR codes. Already the City has installed five of these codes which are all located along Freedom Square. People can simply swipe their phone over the QR Code and a brief informative video will pop up straight to your device about that location and its historical significance. 

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