Getting to the City

Ferry Terminal

The City of Hamilton is centrally located in the parish of Pembroke. Public transportation in Bermuda is highly reliable and efficient and is a popular form of public transport both for visitors and locals. Hamilton is a major transportation hub and all ferries and buses have a terminal in central Hamilton.

By Ferry

The Hamilton Ferry Terminal is conveniently located on Front Street, adjacent to Albuoy’s Point. The Terminal is serviced by four routes, spanning the length of the island:

The Pink Route services stops in Paget and Warwick, to and from Hamilton

The Blue Route services stops in the West End and the Royal Naval Dockyard, to and from Hamilton;

The Green Route services stops for Rockaway in Southampton, to and from Hamilton;

The Orange Route services St. George’s and Dockyard, to and from Hamilton.

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By Bus

The bus service in Bermuda reaches the far corners of the island. One key tip to remember is that the pink poles at the bus stops indicate that the incoming bus is headed to Hamilton and the blue poles indicate that buses are headed to the outer parishes from Hamilton. All buses will have their destination indicated on the front of the bus.

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By Rental Car, Scooter and Bicycle

The island of Bermuda has four main arteries covering the length of the island – North Shore Road, South Road, Middle Road and Harbour Road. Once on one of these main roads, it won’t be long before you see a wayfinding sign for Hamilton. Keep following those and you’ll find yourself in the heart of Hamilton, ready to explore.