City Announces Major Upgrades to Front Street Intersections


For Release on Friday, August 21st , 2020

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Zoë Mulholland
Communications Manager


Infrastructure Upgrades to Front Street Traffic Junctions

City of Hamilton – August 21, 2020

The City of Hamilton announces that work will begin in September to upgrade three of the major intersections on Front Street. The work will consist of sidewalk refurbishment and the installation of new traffic lights. 

The City has already completed numerous major junction upgrades on Court Street and north Hamilton in an effort to make the City more safe for pedestrians and motorists. The new traffic lights utilize the smart SCOOT system, designed to monitor and adjust traffic flow at peak times.

The project will commence with the junction at Bermudiana Road and Front Street, making its way east to Par-La-Ville Road and finish at the pedestrian crosswalk outside of the ferry terminal. The project is expected to be complete by the end of November, weather permitting.

Assistant City Engineer, Charles Waters, said of the project, “These upgrades are essential to our infrastructure to ensure a high degree of safety and efficiency in Hamilton. We remain committed to budgeting and executing projects that keep Hamilton modern and competitive in a global market with high expectations.”

Any impact to traffic flow during construction is expected to be minimal, as temporary lights will be in place until the new system comes online. Select parking bays will be affected during the project but priority will be placed on maintaining public parking and reducing pedestrian impact.

Motorists and pedestrians are encouraged to use caution in the areas when work begins. Temporary traffic signal equipment, signage and diversions will be in place.


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