Parking Enforcement Officers and the Powers that Govern Them


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Zoë Mulholland
Public Relations Manager (Interim)


                                                                                       Parking Enforcement Officers and the Powers that Govern Them

Hamilton – February 7th, 2023

The City of Hamilton employs five Parking Enforcement Officers to assist the existing Traffic Wardens with their daily duties. This measure was taken to ensure equal parking and vehicular access opportunities across Hamilton. With a finite number of parking bays in the City and everyone competing for space, it is important that parking bays turn over and are used in the manner for which they are intended – loading zones, disabled parking, taxi parking, resident and one-hour parking, etc. The officers underwent two weeks of training with the Bermuda Police Service as well as training in conflict resolution, and instruction regarding the legal writing of parking tickets.

The Municipalities Amendment Act 2022 was adopted to “provide for the appointment of parking enforcement officers by the Governor to the Corporation of Hamilton and the Corporation of St. George’s to enforce the law with respect to offences in connection with the parking of vehicles in the City of Hamilton and the Town of St. George.”

The Amendment further states that “parking enforcement officers shall have the same powers of the traffic wardens under Section 29 (4)(a) of the Road Traffic Act 1947.”

Those receiving parking tickets are reminded to pay their fines in a timely fashion to avoid incurring additional fees if a summons is warranted or a court date is scheduled.

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